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Authentic coaching for motivated professionals seeking support and clarity to transition to “next level” professional success and personal fulfillment.

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Transform your career through dialogue and a concrete action plan. Group coaching provides access to a subject matter expert, communal support, and topical resources that empower you to get clear, get focused, and get strategic in order to achieve your goals.


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I’ve known Jennie for more than five years as a mentor since my internship at a bulge bracket bank. However, for the past year she was my career coach as I decided to transition from finance to pursue my passion for real estate and urban planning. Jennie is extremely professional and creates a structured program that’s tailored to your personal and career development goals. She coached me through managing workplace stress, becoming disciplined, and time management challenges. Our coaching sessions provided the clarity and accountability I needed to recognize my value and transferable skill set, create a transition plan, prep for interviews, and practice honing crucial skills. With her support, I got the job I wanted and am on my way to starting a career in the field I’m passionate about.  I couldn’t recommend her services more highly!

Jerald Watson

Jennie has been a great mentor and career coach as she has been instrumental in helping me navigate my career path. Prior to accepting my last two job offers, I spoke to Jennie to identify and create an action plan before deciding how to proceed. Jennie has the keen ability to quickly understand and connect with the greater ideals and motivations that guide my personal and professional goals. Her intuitive talent to get straight to the point by asking the right questions and understand the greater context of any situation is something I highly value and a skill that very few people possess. Her approach and support enabled me to think critically about each opportunity and quantify key factors which eventually led to a transition from Miami to an investment banking position in New York. I am very grateful to Jennie for her important role in my professional growth and career trajectory. Jennie’s diversity recruiting career and expertise, commitment to coaching, and strong network has made her a “go to” contact on Wall Street for professionals seeking to launch or advance a successful career.

Roger Larach

When I decided to leave financial services and venture out into a new industry in a new city, I reached out to Jennie to ask for her advice. To my surprise, I got much more than words of wisdom. Jennie helped me think critically about the accomplishments, skills and strengths I acquired from my previous roles and align them with the new roles that I was interested in. A week later, unbeknownst to me, Jennie had used her connections to source a job for me in my desired industry. The position was right up my alley, but when I reached out to the hiring manager, I was told that they were looking for specific experience that I did not have. Jennie coached me to revise my “pitch”, encouraging me to think outside of the box about applicable experiences. She also helped me prepare a presentation as part of the interview and I ultimately landed the job!
Jennie is encouraging but honest and is able to give constructive criticism that makes you take a critical look at yourself. Her coaching continues to pay dividends as I was just recently promoted after a year and a half. I am so thankful for her career coaching and can tell that she has a natural gift and passion for helping people achieve their life goals.

‘Iolani Bullock

After introducing myself to Jennie through a popular networking site, she took the time to meet with me and help me define my career path. At the time I was in higher education recruiting and wanted to transition into campus recruitment. She coached me through my job search and how to navigate the interview process. When I landed my first campus recruitment role, Jennie provided me with useful tools that set me up for success. Jennie frequently touched base with me which created a great relationship to discuss current hurdles, achievements, and future career goals.
I value Jennie’s expertise and commitment to career coaching. She supported me through my career and industry change, which enabled me to be where I am today. I owe much of my success to Jennie.

Tiffanie Claude

I was recently unemployed and a friend referred a company that focused on career coaching and supporting individuals with resume and interview advice. I reached out to Jennie Robles. Her response time was amazingly quick. During our phone sessions, Jennie asked thoughtful questions that forced me to really think about my experience and transferable skills. She helped me realize that I was underselling my skill set and value. The entire resume process was painless and easy. I followed every single step which gave me the confidence I needed to get the job I have now. Jennie was very supportive not only in the resume building process, but coached me on how to conduct myself during the interview. Her insight and perspective provided just the right push to not only get a job, but negotiate the right salary and benefits. Thank you again Jennie! You Rock!!!

Richard Mercado

I met with Jennie Robles at the start of my sophomore year of college. I was driven, and knew I wanted to work hard, but had little direction or knowledge as to what my career goals were, or how to go about attaining them. Upon sitting down with Jennie, she asked me specific, pointed questions that targeted my interests, work habits, and goals. Apart from the tangible things Jennie helped me with—my physical resume, how to conduct myself in an interview, and how to present myself as an applicable candidate—what really stood out was Jennie’s enthusiastic encouragement. From the second we met, I felt that she believed in me, and, provided I worked hard, was willing to coach me until I reached my goals. I spent the first semester of my sophomore year working towards presenting myself as a strong candidate, and had Jennie’s support and coaching each step of the way. I interviewed for a competitive internship program in New York and received an offer. I would absolutely recommend Intellectual Capital to anyone looking to begin a career in an industry, or to make a significant professional change.

Lily Orlan