What Drives Us

Empowering women and underrepresented ethnic minority professionals to identify development opportunities,
strategize career goals, and navigate barriers to success.

How It Started

"The skills to land the job and the skills to develop your career are not the same. It’s important to prepare for and understand key barriers that deter professional and organizational success."

I spent ten years as a diversity recruiting and HR professional on Wall Street. Although recruiting diverse talent was rewarding, I realized there was a gap in the development and retention strategy of early to mid-career women and underrepresented ethnic minority professionals. Compelled by the desire to be a valued resource beyond the internship, I resigned from my role as Vice President and Head of Americas Diversity Campus Recruiting at Barclays to launch Intellectual Capital. What initially began as a networking event in 2010 became my coaching and consulting practice in 2015.



Intellectual Capital leverages my corporate experience, recruiting and diversity expertise, and coaching insight to help clients address pain points that stifle or derail careers. Specifically, challenges such as: navigating office politics, networking, identifying mentors and sponsors, lack of or inconsistent feedback, and lack of career progression and/or promotion. And while a career and being successful are important, Intellectual Capital understands the struggle professionals face to retain a sense of self and still “show up” to work. My unique coaching model supports and enables clients to identify barriers to success, understand how motivation and values impact career choices, and master techniques to achieve goals and sustain long term results.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Trusted Accountability Partner
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness
  • Skill Development
  • Strategic Approach with Concrete Action Plans
  • Constructive, Timely Feedback and more...

Our Approach

Exposure, access and education are the keys to maximizing opportunity as hard work and smarts alone do not guarantee success. Learn core competencies necessary to transition to and navigate highly selective and competitive organizations.  Develop the confidence to own versus manage your career path and development by understanding and mastering skills and strategies that leverage motivation, values, and ambition to cultivate sustainable success.