And the Oscar Goes To: 7 Key Life and Career Themes That We Can Thank the Academy For

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Last year, over 36 million people tuned in to watch the Oscars. Whether it was for the red carpet looks, the host, acceptance speeches, or just a burning desire to know if our favorite movie or celebrity took home that prized statuette, The Academy had our attention. This year as the suspense builds and we wait to hear those famous words – “and the Oscar goes to…,” here are seven ways we can best position ourselves to win Oscars in our own lives.

  1. We all watch movie trailers. Love or hate them they are always at the beginning of every movie. They are brief, but get the job done. They give you just enough to get you intrigued about or disinterested in the film. The film doesn’t even have to drop until fall 2016, but the preview has your attention. What do you want to experience this year? Get excited about your preview and anticipate your release date. Let others know what you have in store for them.
  2. The script that we tell ourselves or allow others to tell or create for us often powerfully influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions. What factors are influencing your script? How would you have to change your thinking in order to create a more empowering script? What do you need to get that done?
  3. Best Actor/Actress. Best Supporting Actor/Actress. Best  Picture. When you think about your life or career, receiving one of the former accolades sure sounds better than having another “best  drama” of the year. Be specific in your intentions. Claim your future. Hone your talent. Commit to the process of making it happen. You may have to encourage yourself so be patient and unwavering in your faith and desire.
  4. There’s no true overnight success that wasn’t rooted in hard work and strategic effort. Imagine the countless takes that are necessary to get one scene just right. It’s not realistic, to aim for perfection. Just aim. Small and incremental adjustments can yield sustainable results.
  5. Every day is an opportunity to practice your acceptance speech. No matter how long or short the movie, it always ends with credits. Gratitude. Humbled. Honored. Blessed. You understand that it wasn’t easy and you wouldn’t be where you are today without the support, guidance, advice and in some cases your haters. How will you express or demonstrate your appreciation?
  6. Reconsider betting in this year’s Oscar pool. Yes, you may have seen many of the films that are up for nomination and/or know that a few actors had phenomenal performances. But when was the last time that you bet on yourself? Sometimes when we witness the performance of others it’s easier to identify if something is blockbuster, mediocre or a complete bomb. Yet, we may hold ourselves to the same or even a higher standard which makes it difficult to acknowledge and assess our own performance. Resist the urge to compare yourself to others. Every role serves a purpose. Bet on and trust in yourself and the odds of accomplishing your goal may rise in your favor and the result can be priceless.
  7. Why not produce your own movie? Write the script that you wish to live. And commit to your new role, no matter how great or small – fully. Remember to celebrate each and every milestone that you reach along the way.

So ask yourself, what’s the best thing that could happen this year? Believe  that your talent and potential transcends your current situation or circumstances. If you are seeking any type of change or transformation, don’t settle for being an “actor” in your life. Be fearless. This year get behind the camera to produce and direct the life or career that you’ve been seeking. This is your time, your moment, and your year. So take the stage and get ready for the best breakthrough performance of 2016.

Quiet on the set.

Lights. Camera. Action.

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